Our prices

Our Prices

Our prices

At HomeCall, we try to keep things as simple as possible. All our prices are listed below, so you can be confident you are getting a high quality service at a fair, affordable price.

All of our equipment is installed by our highly experienced HomeCall staff. 


HomeCall Monitor

£3.85 per week
(an additional charge of £1 per week will be added for a second pendant)


HomeCall Response

£5.05 per week
(an additional charge of £1 per week will be added for a second pendant)


HomeCall Telecare

Either of the above plus weekly charge for individual Telecare sensors:

  • Fall Detector £2.00 per week
  • Bed Occupancy Unit £3.00 per week
  • Smoke Detector £1.00 per week
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector £2.00 per week
  • Chair Sensor £2.80 per week
  • Bogus Caller Button £1.10 per week
  • Temperature Extreme Sensor £1.40 per week
  • Flood Detector £1.60 per week

A wide range of other Telecare sensors are available to support independent living around the home.

Depending on geographical location, a small installaton charge may apply. However, we will discuss this with you during initial contact. 


Personal Care, Practical Support and Social Support Services


£16.95 per hour              £13.90 per 45 minutes               £9.90 per 30 minutes


£18.00 per hour              £14.10 per 45 minutes               £10.40 per 30 minutes 


Daily reassurance calls 

£2.00 per day 


Handyman Service 

Please contact Redcar & Cleveland Council on 01642 774 774 for more information. 

How to Pay 

You can pay for our services in a variety of ways including cheque, direct debit, and standing order. You can also pay by card over the phone.

Contact our experienced and friendly staff and we will explain the different payment methods and can help you to set up a payment method that suits you.

Our prices quote

"HomeCall is a life saver. The staff are very helpful and are always cheerful. It's just a brilliant service."