Who uses HomeCall?

Who uses HomeCall

Who uses HomeCall?

HomeCall provide a service that enables people, especially older and more vulnerable individuals, to live independently in their own home. You never know when accidents or incidents will happen, that is their nature. HomeCall want you to remain independent at home, but recognise that you may require a little bit of extra security and peace of mind for yourself, your family and your carers.

As we get older, we’re many times more likely to have an accident. Failing eyesight, poorer balance and slower reactions – sadly, they all play their part, and when you live alone, even minor accidents can have major consequences.

HomeCall offers support and peace of mind to anyone, particularly to people who: 

  • Live alone
  • Are elderly
  • Are caring for someone
  • Are less mobile
  • Are unwell
  • Are at risk of falling
  • Have just come out of hospital
  • Don’t have regular visitors
  • Are worried about intruders or crime

With HomeCall you are assured that if anything should ever go wrong, you are not alone. Your connection to our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week contact centre is immediate, and we will be with you every step of the way.

The image below shows how HomeCall works:

Who uses HomeCall - how it works