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The facts

  • There are nearly 14.5 million people in the UK aged 60 and above. There are more pensioners than there are children under 16
  • Nearly one in five people, currently living in the UK, will live to see their 100th birthday.


  • About 3.8 million older people live alone
  • 58% of widows (women only) are aged 75+
  • Every year, 28,000 older people (aged 65+) in the UK die as a result of the cold
  • 24% of older people in the UK reported that their quality of life had deteriorated over the last year
  • Of the 15 million adults admitted to hospital last year, 7 million (46%) were aged 65+

Our services

In addition to all of the services in the HomeCall Monitor package, HomeCall Response gives you the peace of mind that HomeCall Responder will visit you to assist in emergency situations - available 24 hours a day, every day.

HomeCall example

One of our customers has no family living locally and expressed concerns about remaining in his own home, despite being generally healthy and active. We were able to answer all questions about how the service would impact upon his life, working with him to identify the measures we could put in place to help him remain independent in his own home and allay his fears. 

A monitor and response service was set up whereby if the pendant was pressed, a HomeCall Responder would be immediately dispatched to the property to assess the situation and progress the next steps accordingly. 

With the security that HomeCall are on hand if required, our customer has continued to live a proactive and enjoyable lifestyle, with some added peace of mind.