HomeCall Telecare

HomeCall Telecare

HomeCall Telecare 

Our most comprehensive package of care and support, HomeCall Telecare gives you all the benefits of HomeCall Monitor and HomeCall response, with the added benefit of sensor technology. 

HomeCall Telecare services provide our customers with the ability to wear, or have sensors placed around their home, linked directly to the HomeCall contact centre and response staff, monitored and available 24 hours a day, every day. The connection between you and our contact sensor will tell us the emergecy situation. From there, our friendly and experienced staff will provide the right response for your situation. 

Telecare sensors include:

Fall sensor

Fall Detector

Worn around the neck or clipped to clothing, a falls sensor will automatically alert staff in our contact centre in the event of a fall.




Bed sensor

Bed Occupancy Sensor

This sensor pad goes under your mattress. If you fall, or if you get out of bed and do not return, it will automatically alert our contact centre.


Smoke detector


Smoke Detector

A HomeCall smoke detector works in exactly the same way as a normal device but also alerts staff in our contact centre in the event of an emergency, rather than relying on you to notice and take action.



Bogus caller


Bogus Caller Button

If you are suspicious that someone knocking on your door is a bogus caller, you can use the button by your front door to alert staff in our contact centre, who will check if you are ok and send help if needed.



Temperature extreme


Temperature Extreme Sensor

If your home becomes too hot or cold, or if the temperature suddenly changes, this sensor will alert our contact centre. This will protect you against burst pipes or home fires, as well as mitigating living conditions if heating is too high or too low.





Flood Detector

This alarm will sound to alert you if there is a flood in your home. It will also immediately notify our contact centre so that we can send assistance.





Carbon Monoxide Detector

This will sound an alert if it senses carbon monoxide. It will also notify our contact centre so that we can send assistance.